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I visited this winery Saturday afternoon in Wilmington. Let me assure you:
-they have delicious wine. lots of sweet, but a few that are dry, too.
-the people there are SUPER nice.
-and they sure do have a lot of different wines for how tiny their space is!

I'll be visiting more wineries soon and I haven't made up my mind which ones, so if you've got suggestions I'd LOVE to hear them!

oooh, shiny!

some beautiful pictures of a BEAUTIFUL ring. I took some pictures of these two a year ago, but didn't take any of just their rings. I wanted to make up for it, so here are some of the lovely images...

the drakes

here are two quick images from a lovely wedding in a small historic town in south carolina. SO beautiful! and such history. it was an excellent party, too. :)

champagne toast between the newlyweds

and the lovely rings--look at that bling! so beautiful!

oldies but goodies-engagment re-mix

so, I was playing around with a new photo tool that I LOVE, Boutwell's Totally Rad Actions, and I had to try them out on an outdoor shoot from exactly six months ago. to the day! you can see the original images here (though none of these new ones are posted there!), but I played with a few, and here's what I came up with...

on UNC's campus

this one is definitely my favorite of hte three--LOVE the pose and the colors. the brick, the door....yummy!

and sitting in front of a church.

fun, fun, fun! they're getting married in just under a month, so as you look at the pretty pictures think good thoughts for them!

kristin and dave, part one

what a fabulous couple! we took these on a weekday evening as the sun was setting. I'll be sharing more soon! this is just a {ring oriented} sampling I wanted to make. just wait until you see the rest!


I have found that oftentimes things just {POP!} into my head, and suddenly I have figured out how to do something, or I have a faboo new idea or whatever. And that makes me happy. :)

The most recent of which involves these little beauts. Aren't they prettier when you can see them better?

I've been busy...

seeing things like this. in florida. on vacay. :)

engagement and maternity photos coming your way SOON!