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audrey and sam

sam was FULL of energy and rarin' to go, which made this shoot a blast. this was shared with corrie and clara, who I showed to you earlier. so much fun! such a handsome little boy, and you can tell where he got his good looks from (or at least half of 'em!)! and you could tell that sam really loved everything--especially his "pip" (the dog!) and his mom!

audrey read to sam, sam danced for us, and we played with blocks and toys and pip and everything--wow!

afterwards audrey said that it didn't feel like a photo shoot--it seemed like we just played the whole time! and aren't these just PRECIOUS?

we saw this chair in a barber shop, and the guy was very kind letting us use it. it was just sam's size! isn't he cute? and that's when the barber caught his attention--what an expressive face!

and then-these will always, always make me giggle. he didn't see me in the first pic...

but he sure did cheese it up for the second! such a crazy little monkey, that sam!

this makes me happy.

to be honest, I happened upon this little gem just today. I had a poem sitting on my desk, saw the reflection in the ring and my camera was out faster than you can say "shutterbug!" one of my VERY favorite things is to capture the subtle details, so I couldn't help but!

I have a few things cooking for the next few weeks...including a new website. I'll let you know when she's up an running!

april easter eggs!

Here's a little thank you for your support! If you've booked a session that will take place by June 14th, you're eligible too! I look forward to hearing from you!


corrie and clara

what an adorable pair! the curls and the smiles make these two lovely ladies irresistible! plus, clara makes this precious little scrunched up face, and that just stole my heart. :) these are three of my very favorites from the shoot!

we took these photos earrrrly on a rainy, chilly saturday morning. corrie was in town all the way from texas, visiting her best friend audrey (and clara's best friend sam!) and so the shoot was happening rain or shine. thank goodness we found such an excellent location! we played outside and in the rain, it was super fun.

clara was such an enthusiastic little girl--she was all about the blocks, the books, the stairs, the chair, the wheelbarrow--such a delight! her gorgeous blue eyes and adorable curls were so much fun too!

thanks, corrie and clara!!!

and look for audrey and sam's photos soon!

the U-B family

this was a SUPER fun shoot--monkey bars, bubbles, giggles and babies-to-be! since we took these pictures mama gave birth to a healthy little girl. (they didn't find out the gender in advance, so this was a welcome surprise!) of course this meant they didn't have a name picked out either-but mom said the only word that came to mind to describe this little one (other than love!) was "bliss."

we met at Lake Benson on a Sunday afternoon and got some of everyone--mom all by herself, family shots, candids of their son and ones of just the couple. such stunning people!
and, one other fun part of the day--a little girl at the park in her stroller was AMAZED by the bubbles. she had never seen them before! it was such a great moment seeing her awe and excitement at the floating orbs! (bubbles are one of my favorite things, ever, and as a child, they sparked my interest in science)