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s and e: durham engagement photographer

it was a misty fall morning--and that made for GREAT photographs! I met S and E at Duke Gardens to capture the fall colors and take their engagement pictures and we had a fantastic time!

my favorite FIRST! I LOVE the intense fall colors!

and it was just touching how sweet they were to each other. sometimes with couple shoots I just end up smiling the whole time seeing how much they love each other. this was DEFINITELY one of those times

s used to come and study under this magnolia tree, so it was pretty special to be able to work it into the shoot!

and look at those awesome smiles! these two were SO easy to work with!

S and E I am really looking forward to your wedding in JUNE!

little lexie-cary newborn photographer

little lexie's daddy and I worked together at my first engineering job. her daddy is a hoot and her mom is a sweetheart and I'm thinking she's going to take after both of them :)

when I got there she was sooooo chill.

and sooooo precious. check out that hat!

is lexie cute as a button or what?

and here she is with her mom and dad--just precious!

their dog, Doc, was AMAZING. he was always keeping an eye on us and was willing to do whatever we needed. including model with some blocks :)

more sweet parent time

and some sock monkey love.

this one makes me smile every time I see it!

and the family feet--SO CUTE!

greg, heather and lexie I had such a great time with you guys! thanks for letting me be a part of this special moment in your lives!

leah and jeff--cermony and reception: durham wedding photographer

if you missed the beginning of this fantastic wedding, go take a gander here!

the light that evening was just GORGEOUS! the weather was just amazing too--you could not have asked for a better evening temperature for an outdoor fall wedding! and that huge tree at the front was so majestic--what a beautiful backdrop for starting your new life together!

and such a sweet kiss!

here's the whole wedding party--did they look amazing or what?

the blushing bride, the dashing groom and the elegant cake topper--wow!

as the light faded and we moved indoors for the night, I was just bowled over by how varied and beautiful the Washington Duke Inn is on the inside. And some of the staff members were just SO polite and helpful--and I really appreciated that! They made me feel right at home and like I was an honored guest at the same time! :) but moving on...

the ballroom was pretty incredible. I loved the magnificent chandelier! here's jeff and leah's first dance

and the ring shot. I was pretty pleased with this one--there were M&Ms in their favors, so I just couldn't help myself!

loving this wedding? want to see more? go check out my cream o' the crop section to see more of the goodness from this wedding!

leah and jeff--getting ready: durham wedding photography

oh, weddings as the sun sets--be still my heart.

I showed you this one a while ago, but I think it bears repeating. I LOVE this photo!

but let's not get ahead of ourselves--we should begin at the beginning! the rest of these are all pre-wedding shots for Leah and Jeff's wedding, which was held at the Washington Duke Inn.

this is probably one of my second favorite bouquet shots I've ever taken.

just behind this one, which I'm SURE is my favorite yet!

and here are the ladies. what a lovely wedding party! and I think the classic black and red colors are just stunning!

and here are the guys. they were a hoot! this picture always makes me giggle :)

and the lovely flower girl--check out those eyes!

next up: the ceremony and reception!

t, n and e: durham family photographer

still catching up on my 2009 photos...I know I have quite a few to go!

this is the fabulous family I've told you about many times before. it has been such a joy watching little N grow and change and learn! every time I see them I just can't get over all the new abilities and how BIG he's gotten!

we met at the beautiful Duke Gardens for this shoot one fine saturday morning. I just love the LOVE in this one!

and check out that grin. he loved playing in the grass!

and stacking the blocks--with mom's help of course!--and then knocking them over!

I still think this kiddo has some of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!

such a warm, sweet, loving family!

always a pleasure you guys!

brandon--tulsa senior pictures

this is brandon--a talented musician and and all around cool dude.

he also happens to be one of my little brother's best friends. and he has a pretty kickin' guitar, yes?

I get to see him pretty much every time I'm in town. We trade info about bands we like and he's at all our family dinners. He's pretttty much like my third little bro, and I like that. A lot. Well, except for when he used to call me "ma'am." :)

centennial celebration!

as of january 9th I reached a milestone. a really AWESOME milestone.

see this little dude here? his name is jacob. he's my future sister-in-law's sister's son. and he's a cutie patootie. he is now three months old. and with his session I hit the 100th session mark!!! I am so grateful and blessed to have such exceptional and supportive clients. I am such a lucky duck :D

I have gotten to photograph SO MANY amazing things and people and events this year--SUCH an honor to help chronicle your lives! I mean, check out the amazing moments I've gotten to photograph in 2009! I haven't gotten to blog all of them yet (but I'm working on it!) but here are some of the weddings, babies, events, families and special moments I captured in 2009!

And to reach my 100th session--WOW! So, to share in my excitement, it's time for another giveaway!!! AND I'm running a "centennial special!"

ALL "half sessions" (1 hour session with 30-35 high resolution digital images) booked by January 31st at midnight eastern time are $100. You can book for any time of year--engagement, newborn, family, couple, baby, senior portraits, you name it! Just book by January 31st and you save $15!

Also, for the giveaway--to enter--do any of the following and comment on my blog or facebook.

-leave a comment!-1 entry
-become my facebook friend or tell me you're my facebook friend-1 entry
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just make sure you let me know you did it!

now that you know HOW to win, let's discuss WHAT you'll win!! One lucky winner will get a $100 gift certificate to Carrie R Richardson Photography--good future sessions (minis through fulls!), prints, an album, etc. And they'll get the discount on the half session too!

Also, every single person who enters the contest will get a $10 credit for their next session or print order!

thank you so much for helping me celebrate! all entries must be received by Saturday, January 29th at midnight.

you guys are the BEST! thanks again for all of the support, fun times and warm fuzzies :)

harvey--tulsa senior pictures

you might've noticed I've not posted in a while. like, um, going on two months. there are a lot of reasons for that (wedding planning + full time job + holiday photography + travel to oklahoma and georgia + grad school final + needing to sleep occasionally) but now? now it's time to catch up.

this is my littlest brother, harvey. harvo. the wonder hamster. harvard avenue. he's almost eleven years younger than I am. I will spare him the embarrassment of stories involving diapers or first words, and instead tell you that ever since we discovered we have similar taste in music, harvey and I have gotten along like peas and carrots.

he is also an extraordinarily talented musician. I suggested he bring an instrument to his session, but he politely declined, explaining that if he brought one, he'd have to bring them all. and they can't all fit in one car. 'cause he plays like, oh, five? six? seems every time I ask he's learned how to play another--and he plays them all very, very well.

come to think of it, I guess my whole family is pretty creative. but moving on to the pictures...we took these in ~12 minutes before my fiance and I headed to the airport to come home. these are at the always-popular Woodward Park in Tulsa--such an amazing place for pictures.

this is definitely harvey.

rockin' some pink floyd. my mom and I both appreciate how all of the kiddos have come to love pink floyd at some point in their life. I should probably give him my old poster.

and I LOVE his boots.

love you harvey! happy senior year!!!