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going on a trip!

this weekend I'm heading to the mountains to be a part of jessica and mark's special day. I am SO excited, I can't even tell you. :)

it's going to be gorgeous! pictures when I get back, I'm sure I won't be able to help but share!

j, k and q

this little boy had such beautiful blue eyes and so much energy! he also LOVES trains, so I'm glad we got to take a ride on one at pullen park.

check out that bubble!

little boy overalls are the CUTEST

just the boys

was I right about those eyes or what?

and mommy and q on a swing! so precious! this one went on his birthday invites!

a warren and family

this was my second session with this awesome family, and boy were they a treat! A was such a trooper, and thought he really liked the bubbles and feeding the ducks, what he liked best was all the pretty flowers!

A looooves planes, so he was excited to see one go by. his daddy picked him up so he could see better!

and I just LOVE this. awesome bridge and awesome little guy!

charlotte and emmy

so...my free time is going towards editing instead of blogging, but I'm going to try to catch up. :)

this is the second of my wonderful mini-photo shoot clients, charlotte and her doggie emmy. emmy REALLY wanted to play with the ducks in duke garden's pond, but somehow she stayed dry. she and charlotte were full of energy and kept me on my toes!

the greens in this picture make me happy.

and look at that face! how could you NOT love it?

i heart faces--silhouettes

this is another image from kristin and dave's photo shoot earlier this year. I LOVE the sky behind them. and they were so much fun.

iheartfaces.com puts on contests like this every week.

I love how it makes me think about photos I've taken and enjoyed. I don't often play, but I still like the idea! it's a neat site with some fun ideas and pictures--go check it out!

kristin and dave: the wedding

after their fabulous engagement photos (here and here and as an album in cream of the crop) I KNEW their wedding would be grand. I had a fabulous time attending and made sure to get some fun snaps, too!

can you guess where they went to college? it's where they met each other!

this was next to their cake-so elegant and lovely!

cake, centerpieces and dress twirl...yummy.

this is my favorite. it's while they were making their exit. SUCH emotion in dave's face, and kristin looks so radiant!

this wedding was done by the fabulous ladies at french75events. if you're in the market for a wedding planner, I know first-hand that they do a great job! (I've attended two of their weddings)

e, t and n family session

little N is only five months old and he's a cutie. sweet eyes, sweet disposition and such sweet parents!

cute tooties.

look at the colors reflected in his eyes!

you can tell how much his parents love little N!

I LOVE this picture. mommy and daddy reflected in his glasses? FANTASTIC!

and the gardens gave such a pretty backdrop!

they were the first session from my mini photo shoots at duke gardens are were SUCH a pleasure to work with! thanks again!

courtney and derek: the wedding!

So, last October I took some photos of two lovely people--you can see some of their photos here, and they also have an album in the cream of the crop section on my website. And this weekend I got to attend their fabulous wedding. It was SO much fun and so gorgeous. And I was THRILLED to see that their engagement photos made a cameo on their favors.

the first dance and their "leaving" shot...

the faboo (and eco-friendly! and yummy!) favors

cake cutting, the menu and table, and the poppers while departing

more soon--keep an eye out on my site!

s, j, m and a anderson

SUCH CUTIES! holy moly. These little girls were full of energy and creativity, and their parents were just really cool people. I had so much fun working with them!

They wanted something very nature-oriented and they wanted to have a good time, and I am certain we did just that. Plus, there's just something fantastic about red hair. I love love love it.

I love how people look when they laugh. LOVE.

look at those happy feet (give them a low-down beat, and they begin dancing!)

are they sweet or what?

and goodbye kisses, too precious! and that's their awesome doggie, "h" too. he was a trooper! and the girls pretended to be him. :)

More pictures of this family appear in the "cream of the crop" section of my website. Enjoy!

more from the maternity shoot

you can see a full featured album on my website. go to "cream of the crop" and it's the first one!

their cat loooooved having a visitor in the house--wonder what he'll think of a new little boy?

this is one of my VERY favorites.

and they are SO sweet! look at that love!

more on the site, check it out!

just the one today

holy smokes, I have been wanting to post these SO BAD. it is WAY late so I only get to post the one. little baby boy's name was a SECRET, but they (and I) wanted it in the shots, so I've been keeping that quiet until now--because he was born tonight! he's six hours and change old!!!

more tomorrow, just one to tide you over...

okay, I lied...two. :)

it gets even better, just you wait!!

kristin and dave, catching up.

I have been remiss in my blogging. But there's a good reason for that--MY NEW SITE. Same URL, higher level of awesome. check it out!

so, you saw some purdy pics of kristin and dave a while ago. and they just got married last weekend, congrats to them both! here are a few more beauties!!

nice daffodils, yes?

I really had fun with this one. getting to go down a slide? AWESOME!

I love how you can see the love here...

and awwwww.

I have...let's see...three more sessions to blog, and then all the ones from this coming weekend. hope the weather holds. I'll get caught up soon enough!