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the knight family: tulsa family photographer

Meet B, P and their son, P.

B and I were in Girl Scouts together, once upon a time. We lost touch, but then as luck would have it, we ended up living just down the hall from each other our freshman year of college. And we have stayed in touch ever since. :)

B is also the first person to ever purchase one of my photos, and has been a huge help and supporter as I've climbed out on this I'm-a-photographer limb. She is also one talented artist!

but back to the photoshoot and their adorable son....

I love this one of B and baby P--and the giraffe makes me giggle! It is like 5 feet tall and has enviable eyelashes! :)


and I think P posed for this classic ring shot--could it BE more perfect?

I love how you can just tell what proud parents they are! They are beaming!

And lest you think I left him out, P (the Dad) is an extraordinarily talented musician. And a very talented teacher, too! In this picture you can see both of his babies--his son and his new guitar!


I can't wait to see how he has grown! See you all in a few weeks!

molly, eric, nick, lauren and alex: tulsa family photographer

I have known Molly since...since...hmm. Well, we met at church camp in I *think* 7th grade. Or, rather, the summer before 7th grade. It feels like a few lifetimes ago!

And though we have kept in touch (thank you, facebook!) the last time I saw her I held her youngest son in my arms. So it was about time! And it was great to meet all of her kiddos I'd heard so much about!

such a beautiful family!


here's just the parents...


and their cute kiddos!

after the kids lost interest in the pictures, I took Molly and Eric outside for some couples pics. This is one of my favorites!


the warrens and family: morrisville family photographer

it was such a pleasure to see this family again! and that they brought more their family!



here's the whole group--and are they cute cousins or what?


and this session brought me my favorite photography quote EVER. Apparently, once they got in the car, A said to his mother "Mom, I don't like Miss Carrie...I LOVE her."



lauren and pat: chapel hill engagement photographer

this was a really fun session! lauren and pat were up for anything, and we got some AMAZING light while we took pictures together. we headed to downtown chapel hill and enjoyed all the area had to offer.

they are such a handsome couple!

and clearly very much in love.

and this is one of my faves from the day. lauren and pat weren't too sure about it when I said "let's take some on the rusty stairs"--heck, even I was just taking advantage of what inspired me! but they obliged, and we are all REALLY pleased with how they turned out!

their doggies, brady and kali, joined us for part of the session. the pups were not really into the whole picture taking part--there was so much to check out! but they cooperated and we got some cute ones of the whole family.

and this bench, right here, is why we chose the location. this is where pat proposed, right at this very spot!

and here's a classic UNC Engagement shot--at The Old Well.

I can't wait for your wedding in August! Really looking forward to it!

l, a and baby j: chapel hill family photographer

this is such a photogenic family! and little j is so cute, I could photograph her every day! she is always smiling and always interacting with everything around her, it's just so precious. :)

I was also really excited to work with them again!

we met in downtown chapel hill and played with blocks and enjoyed the beauty of the area. j was loving it!

look at the preciousness in this mom and daughter picture--love it! and such a lovely family!

and little j is just so pretty and expressive!

the whole fam

can't wait until next time!

ryan, audrey and sam: durham family photographer

it was a chilly and windy day, but Ryan, Audrey and Sam were real troopers! we met at the Washington Duke Inn to escape from the chill, but ended up getting to spend a few minutes outdoors, too!

Sam was talking and talking and checking everything out the whole time--he's a hilarious little dude! And he brought along his doggie Pip! You might remember them from almost a year ago. he has grown SO much!

here's Sam with Pip!

and here they are outside--I love how you can tell how much fun they have together just by looking at these pictures!

and here's my favorite from the day--

Ryan, Audrey and Saw (and Pip!) it was great to see you! Looking forward to our next shoot!

chris, heather, abby and sophie-holiday mini!: dallas family photographer

I was thrilled that this family wanted to book another session! they are such wonderful people and I love working with them!

abby was cute as a button! she wanted to be everywhere and look at everything, and looked adorable doing it! love the pink sweater, too.

and here's the whole fam!

this picture makes me smile--I love how everyone is just doin' what they do, and how Abby is about to stand up!

it was great to see you guys again! looking forward to working with you next time!

ashley and marshall: dallas engagement photographer

marshall contacted me a few months ago to see if I would come to Dallas to shoot his and Ashley's engagement photos, and I couldn't've been more flattered! he and I knew each other in college at The University of Tulsa and had only been in touch on Facebook since. He said he knew I would put them at ease, and I think I did, because we spent the whole time cracking up! :)

I mean, probably a third of the pictures I took look like the one in the upper right hand corner--where both of them are laughing! You can tell they really have fun together!

And the black and white sheep--well, there's a story. And the short version is that they're special to them and that Marshall is the "black sheep"--so of course these sheep had to make a cameo! I love it when clients bring object that have special meaning to them--it adds so much to the photos!

this is one of my favorites--and one of theirs too. such sweetness!

and is this adorable or what?

you all were such a delight, thanks again for letting me be a part of your engagement celebration!!

marano holiday photoss: dallas couples photographer

I feel like I'm really fortunate because I often hit it off with my clients--and this couple was no exception. We had SUCH a good time laughing and joking around and taking pictures. And they had some fantastic ideas!

here they are with bogey, who if I recall correctly is an english bulldog. I'm pretty sure he spends most of his weekends posing for the camera--he was a natural!

and he kiiiinda stole the show sometimes.

we played around with balloons

and lovely staircases

and just captured their overall awesomeness--love this sweet gum seed pod with their rings!

and I love this one! the lines, the look on bogey's face, just the whole thing!

want to see more of this awesome couple? go look in my "cream of the crop" section for their album!

laurie: dallas portrait photographer

I had the pleasure of doing another mini-photo shoot for laurie this fall--I'd met her over the summer at our mutual friend's wedding (leanne and jarrod!) and taken some pictures of her and her family then. it was wonderful to see her again!

laurie is unbelievably talented--she writes, she sings and she is always a bright and happy person. It was great working with her! she wanted some photos for her professional use, and I was happy to oblige.

the colors in this one are so fall and so amazing--man, I miss the fall!

I love the one of her twirling--she was turning around and the scarf just spread out--fabulous!

and this is my very favorite from her session. it's the kind of photo where I look at the image in my camera and think "wow!" I love the lines, the colors and how it's of her working!

the hamlins and the barbours: dallas family photographer

after taking pictures of the barbours, the rest of the family showed up to get some pictures with all three generations! they were a hoot and so fun to work with!

here's the whole fam!

after we took some of the whole group I made sure to get the sub-groupings. here's "Mimi" and "Bapa" and one of Brad and Abra, too!

and here are Brad and Abra's kiddos. this just looks like how a 6 year old brother and a 4 year old sister should be :) and the picture of everyone playing makes me think of a circus--probably 'cause killian is up in the air!

we also got ones of "just us girls" and "no girls allowed!" :)

here's the kiddos being kids...

and at the end I lined 'em up to play "Red Rover" and then let the kids swing instead! they loved it!