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the barbour fam

you might recognize the kiddos from last july--they had pictures taken with their grandparents! in november I got to meet their fabulous parents and take more pictures for them--what a treat!

this family has such character and style. love how they look like they "go together."

I love how zoe is just being a kid in the one on the left, the mirroring in the one in the middle, and the funny business in the one on the right. too cute!

the whole handsome family

and is the picture of zoe and her mom adorable or what? so precious! and I love how they're all cuddled up in the other!

next up, the whole barbour/hamlin family!

the annual photo contest

each year my "day job" has a photo contest. if you've been reading for a while (since the days of my old photography blog, you might remember that I was honored with a first place ribbon for this image in september of 2008!!

due to some exciting goings on at work they moved the contest to the spring, so there wasn't a contest in 2009. but now it's photography contest time!

these are the five photographs I'm entering. I decided it was really important that I not enter photographs that I had been paid to take--I feel like that's not in the spirit of the contest! so without further ado...

this one makes me smile every time I see it. it's a durham farmer's market zinnia, and I LOVE it. I'm entering it in the "nature" category.

this is a picture I took while my fiance and I drove through New York--I took it from the car, with my point-and-shoot. evidence, once again, that though having a super-spiffy camera is great, you can do pretty kickin' things with a point and shoot! I will be entering it in the architecture category.

the next two are miscellaneous entries. the first is of a statue in Woolaroc near Bartlesville, Oklahoma. A few summers ago I took my littlest brother there to check it out--I was born in Bartlesville, and my mom used to take my sister and me to Woolaroc to play. I also visited with my Girl Scout troop and my mom and my dad both took us there a couple of time. Its a very cool nature preserve/museum/garden/wildlife area. This is a statue in the courtyard.

and this is another picture from our Northeastern Roadtrip. We were on a road that was pretty much the highway of antiques, and this was one of many, many, many sets of keys on a pegboard there. I love the texture!!

and last but certainly not least--these are my friends renee and mike. renee helped me clean out her guest room and I thanked her with some pictures! I have SO MANY cool ones to show you (and will. soon!) but this one just rocks and I HAD to enter it in the people category. I love the bricks. I love the colors! I love the love!

voting will begin the second week of march, and I think they'll announce the results later in the month. I will definitely keep you posted :)

t, n and e: cary family photographer

for this session, the fourth of the year with this awesome family, we wanted to go somewhere a little closer to their home. we met in cary in this incredible cool park-I really enjoyed shooting there and look forward to going back!

n was max from where the wild things are (by maurice sendack) so we had to capture that moment in time. SUCH a cutie!! and his mom made the crown herself!

I love the smiles in this picture--such a precious family!

and little n just keeps growing and growing--it's always just incredible seeing what new tricks he's picked up since our last session. this time it was standing on his own and dancing!

and I couldn't resist a quick ring shot on this lovely leaf. I long for the fall already, it is my favorite part of the year!

and this picture just screams "little kiddo" and "family love" to me. what an awesome bridge!

e, t and n, I'm looking forward to working with you again this year! you bring me such joy!

new for 2010

I just got in new cards and new marketing material and wanted to share! It's my first "new" photography thing of the year! I got to put them out this weekend at the Blue Jean Ball (sponsored by Duke's Global Health Institute and Duke's OBGYN Deparment) and they were a hit!

It was also pretty awesome to work with my KD sisters to benefit women's health! I'll have pictures from the event to share with you soon.

But back to the new--here's a picture of my goodies!

aren't they lovely? many of you made the card--can you find yourself? I am so fortunate to have such good-looking clients!

lots of new things are coming soon for Carrie R Richardson Photography. Keep an eye out for new products, sessions and more...coming SOON!

catherine, connor, anna elizabeth, jennifer and rob: cary family photographer

what an adorable bunch! and such photogenic kiddos--and the girls were so easy to work with!

and then this is connor. he is two and terrific! and he was a hoot! he has such life and spirit! but he was not interested in the camera at all for most of our session--he wanted to run and play and explore. but, man oh man, is this little guy a looker or what?

his sisters are gorgeous too--catherine

and little anna elizabeth. she was SO expressive and such a delight! this picture makes me smile.

here's the whole family together

and another one of the whole gang!

we took some special time with anna elizabeth, too, since she was only four months old at the time. here she is with her mom.

and here are two more of the family

and just the kiddos. I love pictures like this because they show the different stages of life!

thanks you guys! I'm looking forward to working with you again!

challie: raleigh senior portraits

Challie wanted a mix of urban and nature settings for her portraits, so we met in downtown Raleigh to be sure to get the variety. She'd had her formal senior pictures done for school, but they just weren't "her." So we made sure to capture her personality! And I LOVE how much thought she put into each of her outfits--she was "put together" from her shoes up!

this is one of my very favorites!

I love how the different outfits each evoke such a different feeling. and check out those kicks! Challie said her dad had said that the shoes didn't matter--they wouldn't be in pictures anyway. clearly, he was mistaken. :)

and WOW. I love this one.

as we wandered around we found this ledge with the brick wall--LOVE it! Challie was game for anything--and that kind of attitude always makes for a great session!

pretty, pretty!

and the colors in this one make me smile!

thanks again, Challie!

welcome jacob!-- durham newborn photographer

this little guy was such a cutie! he wasn't too sure about the whole picture-taking thing, but he was definitely interested in loving on his parents--it was so precious!

these dolls have special meaning to his parents so they definitely made a cameo appearance. they got them on a trip and when I asked them to think of items of importance/meaning they brought these out. love how they look on the blocks!

such a handsome profile!

and these are two of my favorites--mom looks SO happy and in the other I love how dad is looking at mom--so sweet!

and in case he looks a bit familiar to you--YES, this is the same little boy who was my 100th client! :) such a delight to photograph!

win and win!

Thank you SO MUCH for all of you who entered my Centennial Celebration and who took advantage of the special--you are AMAZING! I ended up listing all of the comments and referrals, randomly assigning each one a number between 1 and 35, and then using a random number generator to select the winner...and {drumroll please}...

the winner is Lisa B who commented both here and on facebook--congratulations!!! Keep an eye out for an email with more info!!

Also, that other win I mentioned in the email? Yep, that'd be me! My fiance Matt and I won a giveaway for a free engagement session from a very talented California photographer and I CANNOT WAIT! I follow her blog and LOVE her work--Sara I am so excited to meet you in person and have you take our picture!

Sorry for the lack o' picture, folks, I promise to make up for it tomorrow! Thank again for all of your support!