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beverly + bobby = married. the preview

what a fabulous evening wedding! The Russell-Alwine wedding was just fantastic! These are a just a handful of the images I've edited so far--and there are many, many more to come!

the ceremony was at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Chapel Hill, and the reception was at the AMAZING Carolina Inn. Such a gorgeous venue.

here are a few quick teasers from the big day. more soon!

the bridesmaids and their shoes...

just married!

champagne toast!

and more feet--these are the groom's kickin' wingtips and check out the bride's tattoo--she has two bees because they are "B" and "B!" adorable, yes?

congratulations Bev and Bobby!!!

beverly's bridal portraits-chapel hill, nc

I have been holding onto these lovely portraits until the big day arrived--and now it's here! I actually timed this post to go up after beverly made her entrance at the wedding!

we had such a good time taking these portraits! her fabulous friend camille came along to help out, and the three of us had a blast!

we began in downtown chapel hill at first presbyterian, where beverly and bobby will be wed.

this one is hands down, no contest my very favorite--beverly said she could see the wheels in my head turning as I climbed up into the tree to capture this! it is also beverly's favorite and her mother's favorite--and a gallery wrap of this very picture will be on display at her wedding!

we also took a little walk over to the carolina inn, the reception location--boy oh boy, are there a lot of places to shoot here! check out the reflection...

thank you, wind!

and this is going to be on dislay at her wedding, too!

and some other assorted yumminess...

e, t and n--raleigh family session

little N is so adorable! he's six months old now and my how he's changed! here's our cuteness from before!

this time we ventured into raleigh for his next set of pictures.
family time...

so precious!

I LOVE this one!

and such a gorgeous garden!

when daddy a little n were playing he brought out some finger puppets--I believe he said from chile? those bright colors are awesome!

and here n is with his mom--so adorable!

this is my favorite from the session :)

I LOVE working with this family--it is such a treat! I'm looking forward to your august session already!

adam + kristin = just married!

we took these beauts a month ago tomorrow--they were my wedding present to some dear friends of mine. kristin loves downtown annapolis, and though she was married in a BEAUTIFUL little church down there, there was no time to walk around and get pictures in the fabulousness the day of. so that's where I came in. :)

we walked and talked and really enjoyed ourselves. we went all over...


the waterfront...

dancing in the streets

inside a trolley...

and even a parking lot!

and I love this series--are they adorable or what?

we HAD to get one with an umbrella--'cause it rained when they got engaged, it rained when I took their engagement pictures and it rained on their wedding day (but cleared up by reception time!)

and I love this one for the details--Adam LOVES Sinatra, check out his cufflinks.

You guys are AMAZING and gorgeous and I love you to bits. Happy one month of marriage, today!

more of the sullivan family

thanks for your patience as I get caught up on everything! I have at least...eight sessions to blog right now, so there's some awesome stuff in queue!

these are the Raleigh Sullivans. Some of the nicest people I know! We go to church together, sing in the choir together, have celebrated Easter together, worked with the Youth together, etc. They have been so fantastic to me. :)

and here are the Sullivan Grandchildren. The littler ones loved the pinwheels so much I gave them each one to take home!

these are the original Sullivans--the parents and their four children. I LOVE this picture.

and here's a little bit of everyone--all the families, some moms and daughters, some couples and some siblings.

thanks again Sullivans, and hope your 50th year is fantastic!

under construction!


Like my new logo? The lovely Tiffany from OnTheSpotStudios made if for me, and I really dig it!

As I get it implemented and I make some changes, some things might not work just right--please bear with me, I'll get it all up and running ASAP!

thanks so much!

the ::ENTIRE:: sullivan family

I just realized I never blogged these, which is kind of nuts, since it was, oh...at least six shoots in one. more, really. I'm not sure how many posts I'll do, but this in the first!

We took these photos in the fabulous Star, NC. If you haven't heard of it, it's the geographical center of the great state of North Carolina, and where the core Sullivan family grew up.

The family came together to get pictures before the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan's 50th wedding anniversary. After we got the whole group, we split in to subgroups, and that's what I'll share later.

this is one of the first images we took. LOVE the intensity of the colors!

next we took one closer to the water. while taking this picture it started to sprinkle and we had to run for cover! it rained for about 10 minutes, which cooled everything off and made the park even more beautiful! I lovelovelove shooting right after it rains!

next we walked down to the pier

and finally got the one that ended up being their favorite--they got a huge canvas print to give to the celebrating couple as a present!

it was SUCH a pleasure working with all of you! I look forward to sharing the rest of the images from the shoot!

leanne + jarrod= married, a follow up

and this is one of my very favorites from the wedding--that's the couple, in the limo, as seen through a champagne glass. pretty rockstar, huh?

I emailed Leanne the 40-some-odd teasers from her big day, and here's what she said back to me:

"I'm crying. We had to go through it 4 times to really take it all in. We LOVE them. They are absolutely incredible. They are better than I ever dreamed or imagined. We both think you are so creative and love love love them all.

I have never been happier. I never underestimated your talent, but I had no idea what it would feel like to look at wedding pictures of me and my friends. They are absolutely incredible. Even if these were all of them, we'd be completely thrilled and satisfied!"

a note from the bride

on a personal note, it is enthusiastic, humbling responses like these that make being a photographer worthwhile! All the time spent editing, all the frustrating moments, all the standing in the hot hot heat and worrying the bridal party because I'm turning so red when it's 102 degrees outside in Texas in July. :) Seriously, this is the kind of compliment that keeps me going. THANK YOU, Leanne and Jarrod.

leanne + jarrod = MARRIED!

I traveled all the way to Dallas, Texas to photograph this fantastic wedding on the 4th of July! It was HOT outside, but other than that the day was simply perfect.

(and to my other and upcoming brides--this kind of turnaround for teasers isn't normal!!! I just had about, oh, seven hours in the car to catch up on editing, and that put me a little ahead!)

I've known Leanne for eight years now--she and I share a best friend--and I was so thankful to be a part of her big day! I was actually there when she and her now husband started to "hit it off" so-to-speak, so it was such a pleasure to share in their celebration!

This couple was all about the details! check it:

detail of the dress

dress. shoes. kisses.

I took a billion pictures of their gorgeous rings! You'll notice that a tie is featured in a bunch of these--it was this tie that was the theme for their entire wedding! It came along to check out papers, look at dresses, the whole shebang.

mmmm cake! As a friend-vendor I got to eat some of this deliciousness, and mmmmmmm. seriously the best wedding cake I've had all year!

and the beautiful flowers on the cake, in the vases, in the hands of the maids and the lapels of the men--all by the fabulous Cindy.

after the ceremony the chucks came out. I loooooove converse. I wore them pretty much constantly in middle school and a good bit of high school (exchanging them only for toe shoes, basketball shoes and softball cleats!) Jarrod loves them too--and these custom kicks were a gift from his fabulous bride!

this is their exit-to-bubbles, and then that's Leanne twirling with her flower girl. The story goes that when she saw Leanne in her dress for the first time she kept saying "twirl, Lee-lee, twirl!!!" we had to capture it, don't you agree?

and more twirls. :)

the whole party

one more picture coming up!