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a preview of what's up next!

I'm still playing catch-up! I am richly blessed by all of the amazing photography opportunities that keep coming my way! Weddings, families, newborns, corporate headshots and even a corporate event, wow!

I have five sessions this weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll get to blog the full version of each of these, but here's a taste...

t, e and n visited duke gardens with me--look how much little N has grown!

love is in the air! these two lovebirds are living across the pond from each other--she's here, he's there, but when he came to visit they made sure to book a shoot. I am really looking forward to their wedding in april!

leah and jeff got married in durham. holy moly, was the light perfect all day or what??? more from their wedding soon...

this is brandon. he's a rock star, a sweetheart and best friends with my little brother, which basically makes him my other little brother. :) he's also a SENIOR.

and this is harvey, my littlest brother. he is also known as hamster or harvard avenue, and he's probably going to be mad at me for telling you that :) he's also a big bad SENIOR, and of course he had me do his pics. he plays FOUR instruments and couldn't decide which to bring. some day, I think I will have to refer to him as my "famous brother harvey" :)

these fine folks are julie and justin--they got married at the farm in western north carolina. wow, wow, WOW!

sydney and thomas - tulsa wedding photographer

some of my facebook friends may have seen images from this AMAZING wedding, but I wanted to share them on here too. Syd and I have been friends for AGES. We've known each other since we were in, oh, 4th grade or so, and our paths continue to cross. She is one of my very best friends and I was honored to be her bridesmaid! I also couldn't resist snapping some pictures of the gorgeousness!

the flowers were done by her mother, Jan. She will be doing my flowers in April! She also makes awesome jewelry, check her out.

I LOVE this. these armadillos make me smile. :)

and when we saw this while we were getting ready I knew I had to capture it!

beautiful. just beautiful. radiant too, yes?

and check out her dress!

this wedding had SO MANY fun details! programs that doubled as fans, paper lanterns, and color EVERYWHERE. wow!

and then the reception fun really began!

and I love this one of their first dance.

They are such sweethearts! I am so glad I got to be in your wedding, and it warms my heart to know how much they love all these photos! If you want to see more, I've added them to the "cream of the crop" album on my site!

molly and april: tulsa portrait photography

molly and I met at camp egan when we were in MIDDLE school. we have stayed friends ever since--keeping track of each other first over the phone and through letters, then through youth group, then through email and now through the wonderful world of facebook :)

she and her good friend and neighbor, april wanted some pictures of them together and individually and I was happy to oblige!

it makes me me think of making new friends and keeping the old--and I must say, I love meeting the "silver" ones, but it's the "golds" that are the most touching to work with!!!

are they beautiful ladies or what???

seriously, check out those amazing blue eyes!

and we had a TON of fun with bubbles!!!

looking forward to the next time I see you gals--and to meeting your families--hopefully in november!!!

updates: availability and exciting news!

Hello there! I'll do the availability stuff first and save the exciting news for last!

I only have a few open sessions scheduled between now and the end of the year--if you're interested in one please let me know ASAP! And if you want a time that isn't on this list, let me know that too, please!

available sessions:
October 31st: 1130am, 1:15pm
November 7th: 1100am
November 8th: 400pm
November 20th in Dallas, TX--mini photo shoots. 1245, 125, 245
November 28th: 1030am, 1215pm, 200pm

I am also considering booking mini photos shoots in Tulsa on November 14th. If you are interested please contact me ASAP!

booked sessions:
October 24th: 6pm Rho, Inc Anniversary Party
October 25th: 230pm Amireh Family
October 28th: Rho, Inc Corporate Headshots
October 31st: 930am E, T & N family
November 1st: 1pm Challie's senior pictures
November 1st: 300pm Mills family
November 7th: Brown-LaVoie wedding
November 20th: Dallas Mini-Photo Shoots
1015am Jenne Barbour family
1120am Jenne Barbour's brother and family
1205pm The Grace Avenue Band
205pm Kellie Duong
November 21st: Dallas Mini-Photo Shoots
1000am Gant-Grant engagement photos
1225pm Hammer family photos
December 5th: time tbd E, T & N family

2010 Weddings
April 24th- Rackley-Marsh, Kernersville, NC
June 18th- Henchey-Croutch, Blowing Rock, NC
June 19th- Picciano-Rutley, Lake Lure, NC
August 14th- Bricker-Myers, Chapel Hill, NC
September 18th- Krizmanich-Sandoval, Louisburg, NC


and now onto the exciting news!

On Monday the 12th I got engaged!!! This is my fiance, Matt, and this picture is also how he proposed! He wanted to work my photography into his proposal, and boy did he! We were in Mystic Connecticut on vacation--and while walking across the Mystic River Bridge he had me set the timer on my camera, and then held out the ring in the box behind me so it'd be in the frame. When I went to check it had taken properly, I saw something was in his hand and turned to show him--and he was on one knee!

Details are still in the works, but we're thinking maybe April in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I could not be MORE thrilled. :)

the faby family: raleigh family photography

What a cute family! This is the one, two, three, FOURTH time I’ve photographed this family, in some way or another! I love getting to work with repeat customers :)

We met at NC State, since Mom Faby is an alum, and took a little trip down memory lane. We took pictures at her old dorm, places she hung out and visited some NC State landmarks. We played in the grass, jumped up and down, ran around and had a really good time!

Here’s the whole gang—are they cute or what? Love the outfits, they definitely came prepared for variety!

Here are just the kiddos. The loooove each other. It’s simply precious to see them play!

When I saw this I KNEW I had to photograph it—I’m a Golden Hurricane all the way, but now that I’m going to grad school at State I must say “Go Wolfpack!” too!

And here are two fun black and whites—how perfect that the Free Expression Tunnel said “we love daddy!”—it was meant to be. And there’s Dad Faby and his little girl—adorable!

At the end we worked in a little bit of couple time. Awww! The Fabys just celebrated their anniversary last month—again, congratulations!!

one of those moments...

Something little happened to me last week that really made me smile, and I want to share it with you all...

I was having some last-minute images printed at a local camera shop. I was meeting potential clients the next day and wanted to update my portfolio before I met them. [By the way, they booked their 2010 wedding! Allie and Allan I am really looking forward to working with you!]

So, I submitted my images online and left to pick up my lunch, and after I got my food I had a message from the manager of the store...

"Hi Carrie," he said "I'm the manager at Such-and-Such Camera, and I'm calling in regards to the order you placed online. We are not going to be able to print those images you submitted online--they are professional photographs and we cannot print them without a copyright release..."

It just made me smile that even the well-trained eye of the professional printer recognized the quality of my work in a split second. :)

If you're thinking "well, duh!" then think of it this way--it was the photography equivalent of a stranger telling my how cute my haircut is, or how they really love my outfit. Except even better, because it's like I cut my hair or sewed the clothes myself!

and, because all posts on a photography blog should have pictures...here's a picture of a Durham Farmer's Market zinnia that I took in August. I LOVE fresh flowers, and I love taking pictures of them too!

m, s and r brame--raleigh family photos

little R was such a dream to work with--her wide eyes and curiosity meant she looked at the camera pretty much the entire time, AND her parents got a nice surprise when we sat her by herself and she just kept sitting and sitting and balancing herself and sitting. totally cute!! she was exceptionally easy to photograph for a 6 month old!

and I just adore this series--we just sat her in her boppy and she smiled and smiled! look at all those expressions! the middle makes me think of old-time hollywood actresses!

so, sometimes I have to encourage people to get a little out of their comfort range on pictures--and this one of those times. mom and dad weren't too sure about this when I set it up, but they decided to try it, and then ended up LOVING it. I must admit, I do too!

more fun in the park...

aren't the leaves gorgeous?

and this is my favorite from the session--it looks so soft and almost like a painting!