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t, n and e: cary family photographer

I just love, love, love working with this family. I love seeing their son grow up. I love seeing him learn new things. I love seeing how much his parents love him.


and I love that this time they brought instruments. :)


and books! always a treat you guys!!

comment for a cause--and a celebration of 200 facebook fans!

this is my dearest friend Renee--clearly she's the one wearing orange sweater. and that's her husband, Mike.


I've known Renee since I was fourteen. We've been friends for more than half of my life--through high school, going to different colleges, living in different states and all of the craziness that comes with it. :)

she is a fantastic friend and remarkable human being. and when she gets behind a cause, you know it is worthwhile, and you know she will do it wholeheartedly!

in October (and on my 30th birthday!) Renee is participating in the Atlanta 3 Day for the Cure. That's sixty miles of walking, a minimum of $2300 worth of fund-raising and a lot of blisters, soreness, water-drinking and willpower. And she's doing it for you. And me. And for all of us. So that, to quote her page..."so that one day my children or grandchildren will ask, what was cancer?"

Renee is 72% of the way to her goal. You can see her site here. and I want to use my photography to support her cause.

between now and the 4th of July when the fireworks go off...

~for each person that comments on THIS post on either my blog or facebook, I will donate $1. (only your first comment counts!)

~for each new facebook follower I get I will donate $3.

~for each referral I receive I will donate $5. AND give you and your friend $5 towards a future session.

~and for each person who donates to Renee here, I will also give $5. and since the minimum donation is $5, if you donate it's like doubling your money! just please let me know you donated through a comment or email so I'll give the $5 per donation (and I don't need to know how much, just that you did!)

I pledge to donate up to $150 if my amazing photography fans make it happen! Thank you so much for supporting me, supporting my friend Renee and for helping find the cure!

it's busy season...and here are some posts yet to come...

there are more than this.
LOTS more.
and they'll get here.
perhaps when it's no longer the month of June :)

in the meantime, enjoy the summer sun, drink plenty of water, wear sunblock and feast your eyes on some images from posts that'll be up soon!