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I'm leavin' the land of the pine...

but just for a week! aaand I'm heading to the place where the wind comes sweeping down the plains--my home state of Oklahoma. Boy oh boy, am I excited!

I'll be:
-spending time with my family
-seeing my Oklahoma friends
-shooting a FABULOUS wedding on the 4th of July
-doing a total of six photo session with lots of little ones, including a pair of twins! I'm excited about all of them, of course, but I am especially excited about shooting the twins, since I happen to be a twin myself :)
-relaxing. promise.

PS: Tulsa and Dallas folks--if you want a session while I'm in town let me know! I have a few more open spots!

So, if you contact me or are waiting on something from me, rest assured, its on its way to you soon! I'll email as I can, but I would appreciate your patience in waiting for my responses!

and since I can't have a blog post without pictures....

taken in Tupelo, Mississippi

Have an EXCELLENT 4th of July!

taken in Hillsborough, NC.

jessica + mark: part four

and the end...

beautiful chandeliers in the ballroom

Jessica's brothers (and honorary brother) made it a leeeetle uncomfy for Mark to remove that garter!

thankfully, Mark managed to escape with the garter (and his limbs) intact...

to throw the garter to his boys!

the ladies getting down. yay for linedancing!

they had two cake toppers--the one they used and the one Jessica picked out. this one made me giggle!

their sending off included heart-wanded bubbles

can you see the love?

the grand exit

jessica + mark: part three

how did I not include this one before? this church, as I said, was LOVELY

dancing with her dad...

boy, could he cut a rug!

this bride was super-fun. within fifteen minutes of finishing her meal, jessica went up and told the DJ she wanted to DANCE! the DJ talked her into singing some Journey for the crowd...

Mark said "nope, no cake-in-the-face." Boy, was he wrong...

jessica with her "favorite nephew!" while we were at the reception we found out that he made the all-star baseball team!

the first dance

getting ready for the bouquet toss.

last post comin' up!

jessica + mark: part two

these are all after the ceremony and before the reception!

signing the marriage contract--check out that look jessica is giving mark...LOVE it!

the bridal party

limo kisses

at the Mountain Lodge in front of the waterfall!

this is exactly what it looks like...jessica is about to attack a groomsman. and trust me--he probably deserved it, ha!

the fabulous couple!

look at the date of their wedding: 5/30. :)

more to come!

jessica + mark: part one

by the end of this post jessica and mark are married! I showed you a preview before, but now we're getting to the real deal!

first off, this church was incredible! some of the finer details...cross-shaped windows and wood with a heart-shape in the door. WOW! located in hendersonville, nc.

details, details, details. SO awesome. the rings and the bouquet

shoes and more shoes!

the gentlemen--ready to go.

groom getting pinned--his grandmother put his boutonniere on for him and teared up a little, it was so precious.

groomsman attire. LOVE how that red pops!

the dress--such detail! beautiful!

I asked: "how are you feeling now?" This was the response I got. Awesome!


jessica with her father

exchanging rings

the maids and men.

first kiss and during the ceremony!

so many emotions in this picture--the new man and wife, about to gift the roses and removing the veil for the first kiss!

fantastic beginning, yes? more beautiful pictures to come, stay tuned!