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my new printer baby

last friday night I went to multiple stores bound and determined to procure a printer--specifically, a wifi enabled, prints-directly on cds, capable-of-printing-awesome-photos kind of printer. oh, and I had a budget.


and then I found this little dude. and since the only one left in the store was the floor model, and they couldn't find the price or the cords or the ink or the installation books, I was left to find my new printer friend elsewhere. thank goodness for amazon.


I am over the MOON about this printer. who knew it could, quite literally, make my day? last night I spent 5 minutes telling one of my best friend about how much awesomeness was shining through everything it printer.


I love it! see how awesome my client's discs look? they're all in the mail, y'all! more printer awesomeness soon... :)

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