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corrie and clara

what an adorable pair! the curls and the smiles make these two lovely ladies irresistible! plus, clara makes this precious little scrunched up face, and that just stole my heart. :) these are three of my very favorites from the shoot!

we took these photos earrrrly on a rainy, chilly saturday morning. corrie was in town all the way from texas, visiting her best friend audrey (and clara's best friend sam!) and so the shoot was happening rain or shine. thank goodness we found such an excellent location! we played outside and in the rain, it was super fun.

clara was such an enthusiastic little girl--she was all about the blocks, the books, the stairs, the chair, the wheelbarrow--such a delight! her gorgeous blue eyes and adorable curls were so much fun too!

thanks, corrie and clara!!!

and look for audrey and sam's photos soon!

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