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audrey and sam

sam was FULL of energy and rarin' to go, which made this shoot a blast. this was shared with corrie and clara, who I showed to you earlier. so much fun! such a handsome little boy, and you can tell where he got his good looks from (or at least half of 'em!)! and you could tell that sam really loved everything--especially his "pip" (the dog!) and his mom!

audrey read to sam, sam danced for us, and we played with blocks and toys and pip and everything--wow!

afterwards audrey said that it didn't feel like a photo shoot--it seemed like we just played the whole time! and aren't these just PRECIOUS?

we saw this chair in a barber shop, and the guy was very kind letting us use it. it was just sam's size! isn't he cute? and that's when the barber caught his attention--what an expressive face!

and then-these will always, always make me giggle. he didn't see me in the first pic...

but he sure did cheese it up for the second! such a crazy little monkey, that sam!

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Audrey T said...

Thank you, Carrie! We had the best time - and the pictures are AMAZING!!!!

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