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the U-B family

this was a SUPER fun shoot--monkey bars, bubbles, giggles and babies-to-be! since we took these pictures mama gave birth to a healthy little girl. (they didn't find out the gender in advance, so this was a welcome surprise!) of course this meant they didn't have a name picked out either-but mom said the only word that came to mind to describe this little one (other than love!) was "bliss."

we met at Lake Benson on a Sunday afternoon and got some of everyone--mom all by herself, family shots, candids of their son and ones of just the couple. such stunning people!
and, one other fun part of the day--a little girl at the park in her stroller was AMAZED by the bubbles. she had never seen them before! it was such a great moment seeing her awe and excitement at the floating orbs! (bubbles are one of my favorite things, ever, and as a child, they sparked my interest in science)

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