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jessica and cody: tulsa couple photographer

meet jessica and cody. aren't they the coolest? and the silliest?


jessica and I have known each other, for, well, ~80ish percent of our lives. we've been there for each other through awesome accomplishments and stupid boys, bad haircuts and cute clothes, middle school, high school, college and everything inbetween :)

before they left oklahoma for ohio, jessica and cody wanted to get some t-town photos to enjoy in their new residence. plus, we took these only a month before their three-year anniversary, so that worked out nicely, too :)


It was so much fun working an an area that means so much to me, too (I hail from Tulsa, if you didn't already know). Love you guys!



Megan said...

Hey, I know those folks! Great photos, Carrie! And great subjects. ;)

Leanne...the walker said...

I love it! Absolutely gorgeous. :-)

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