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totally rad--and their new textures: dirty pictures

I want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to the makers of a product I use pretty much every single day. A few months ago I decided to shell out for something called Totally Rad Actions--and I debated quite a bit before doing it [seriously. I called my mom. and my best friend in Cali. and my boyfriend.] But I'd tried their freebies and thought they were pretty rad (excuse the pun!)--and I took the plunge. And you know what? It turns out that that's one of the best photography decisions I've ever made.

It's kind of like I went from a set of 8 crayons in classic colors to the 128 pack, along with markers, pastels and a full set of colored pencils. And I LOVE them.

But since then I've found something that does an even more amazing job of intensifying a photograph--and that's textures. I've used other people's textures, and they are lovely and all--but they just pale in comparison to what I've seen from TRA.

Dirty Pictures, the textures from TRA? I'm pretty sure they'd take my veritable art set to a whole new level--adding in a full set of acrylic paint and some sculpey clay. :)

I mean, their actions are AMAZING. The best I have by far (better than Kubota, better than Eye Candy, better than MCP, better than 'em all--and the others I enjoy, don't get me wrong, but TRA rocks my socks). I have told many, MANY people about TRA--all of my up-and-coming photographer friends, heck--I've encouraged people in FOUR different states to buy 'em! It's because they are versatile. And suitable for many different types of pictures. And FAST. And slick. And make me smile. And I heart them.

aaand I'm a logical person...an engineer by trade, you know...so, let's make a little theorem, shall we?

if: TRA >> all other actions
and if: TRA created textures
then: TRA textures >> all other textures

see? proven mathematically. :)

and for those of you who are confused right now, here are two examples of what actions and textures can do! these were both edited with TRA, but of course the textures aren't theirs 'cause they were just released--so image how awesome they could be with some TRA dirty pictures!

in conclusion? pick me, please. :) I will LOVE using your dirty pictures, and I KNOW I will sing their praises to anyone who will listen.

thanks for the giveaway, TRA!

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