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allie + allan = married! cary wedding photographer

Hoo-boy, was this wedding amazing! The weather was perfect. The venue was amazing! The guests were so much fun! The bride and groom were stunning! And the lighting was unreal--I loved every picture-snapping second of it!

It took place at the incredible Page-Walker Arts & History Center in downtown Cary, the same place where we took Allie's bridal portraits. I can't say enough good things about this venue--so many great details, the amazing setup, the way the light looks when the sun sets--me oh my!

But let's get to the couple, shall we? This is Allie and Allan's favorite picture from their day. And it very well be mine, too. I love the way they're looking at each other!


and these napkins made me smile--and were great for a ring shot!


And there's a few things you should know about these photos...yes, everything really was that pretty. The dress, the rings, the gals--and yes, even the cupcakes. And yes, you're right about those both being the Mountaineers. They have an ongoing debate about who the real Mountaineers are--hence the picture.


Thanks again Allie and Allan!

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