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the annual photo contest

each year my "day job" has a photo contest. if you've been reading for a while (since the days of my old photography blog, you might remember that I was honored with a first place ribbon for this image in september of 2008!!

due to some exciting goings on at work they moved the contest to the spring, so there wasn't a contest in 2009. but now it's photography contest time!

these are the five photographs I'm entering. I decided it was really important that I not enter photographs that I had been paid to take--I feel like that's not in the spirit of the contest! so without further ado...

this one makes me smile every time I see it. it's a durham farmer's market zinnia, and I LOVE it. I'm entering it in the "nature" category.

this is a picture I took while my fiance and I drove through New York--I took it from the car, with my point-and-shoot. evidence, once again, that though having a super-spiffy camera is great, you can do pretty kickin' things with a point and shoot! I will be entering it in the architecture category.

the next two are miscellaneous entries. the first is of a statue in Woolaroc near Bartlesville, Oklahoma. A few summers ago I took my littlest brother there to check it out--I was born in Bartlesville, and my mom used to take my sister and me to Woolaroc to play. I also visited with my Girl Scout troop and my mom and my dad both took us there a couple of time. Its a very cool nature preserve/museum/garden/wildlife area. This is a statue in the courtyard.

and this is another picture from our Northeastern Roadtrip. We were on a road that was pretty much the highway of antiques, and this was one of many, many, many sets of keys on a pegboard there. I love the texture!!

and last but certainly not least--these are my friends renee and mike. renee helped me clean out her guest room and I thanked her with some pictures! I have SO MANY cool ones to show you (and will. soon!) but this one just rocks and I HAD to enter it in the people category. I love the bricks. I love the colors! I love the love!

voting will begin the second week of march, and I think they'll announce the results later in the month. I will definitely keep you posted :)

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Renee said...

whoo-hoo! we made the contest! :-) i love the keys picture. i kind of want it to go by my front door (because apparently i like pictures of things where the actual things are: chairs by the chair, bathroom in the bathroom, keys by the keyhole... :-)).

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