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m, s and r brame--raleigh family photos

little R was such a dream to work with--her wide eyes and curiosity meant she looked at the camera pretty much the entire time, AND her parents got a nice surprise when we sat her by herself and she just kept sitting and sitting and balancing herself and sitting. totally cute!! she was exceptionally easy to photograph for a 6 month old!

and I just adore this series--we just sat her in her boppy and she smiled and smiled! look at all those expressions! the middle makes me think of old-time hollywood actresses!

so, sometimes I have to encourage people to get a little out of their comfort range on pictures--and this one of those times. mom and dad weren't too sure about this when I set it up, but they decided to try it, and then ended up LOVING it. I must admit, I do too!

more fun in the park...

aren't the leaves gorgeous?

and this is my favorite from the session--it looks so soft and almost like a painting!

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