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one of those moments...

Something little happened to me last week that really made me smile, and I want to share it with you all...

I was having some last-minute images printed at a local camera shop. I was meeting potential clients the next day and wanted to update my portfolio before I met them. [By the way, they booked their 2010 wedding! Allie and Allan I am really looking forward to working with you!]

So, I submitted my images online and left to pick up my lunch, and after I got my food I had a message from the manager of the store...

"Hi Carrie," he said "I'm the manager at Such-and-Such Camera, and I'm calling in regards to the order you placed online. We are not going to be able to print those images you submitted online--they are professional photographs and we cannot print them without a copyright release..."

It just made me smile that even the well-trained eye of the professional printer recognized the quality of my work in a split second. :)

If you're thinking "well, duh!" then think of it this way--it was the photography equivalent of a stranger telling my how cute my haircut is, or how they really love my outfit. Except even better, because it's like I cut my hair or sewed the clothes myself!

and, because all posts on a photography blog should have pictures...here's a picture of a Durham Farmer's Market zinnia that I took in August. I LOVE fresh flowers, and I love taking pictures of them too!

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