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leah and jeff--cermony and reception: durham wedding photographer

if you missed the beginning of this fantastic wedding, go take a gander here!

the light that evening was just GORGEOUS! the weather was just amazing too--you could not have asked for a better evening temperature for an outdoor fall wedding! and that huge tree at the front was so majestic--what a beautiful backdrop for starting your new life together!

and such a sweet kiss!

here's the whole wedding party--did they look amazing or what?

the blushing bride, the dashing groom and the elegant cake topper--wow!

as the light faded and we moved indoors for the night, I was just bowled over by how varied and beautiful the Washington Duke Inn is on the inside. And some of the staff members were just SO polite and helpful--and I really appreciated that! They made me feel right at home and like I was an honored guest at the same time! :) but moving on...

the ballroom was pretty incredible. I loved the magnificent chandelier! here's jeff and leah's first dance

and the ring shot. I was pretty pleased with this one--there were M&Ms in their favors, so I just couldn't help myself!

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