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kai, chrissy and kris: durham newborn photographer

one of the best parts about photographing newborns is that I often get to visit my clients' homes and see where they live, how they decorate and all that jazz. definitely an enlightening thing!

with chrissy, kris and kai, it was awesome to see how much they looooove photos--they had photos all over their house! pictures from their wedding, engagement photos, arts photos of places they'd traveled, pictures of their friends, pictures of family, etc. and now, I'm betting their walls are covered with pictures of their handsome little boy, kai.


all of the items on that shelf were important to them--kris' baby shoes and body building trophies, chrissy's bridal portrait, pictures of their family, souvenirs from trips they'd taken, thoughtful gifts they'd been given, etc. I loved giving them a picture that had so many sentimental items included!

I could blog pictures of this family all day--but instead I encourage you to go check out their album in the cream-of-the-crop section on my portrait site!

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