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kristin + erik = married! charleston wedding photographer

you've seen their engagement photos, now it's time for their wedding. it was a hot afternoon in charleston, but it quickly led into a beautiful evening, complete with a light breeze and gorgeous light for their rooftop wedding at the harbor club. kristin looked amazing in her adorable gown, and erik couldn't stop smiling!


it was at this wedding that I was reminded of how important photographers are--how we have the duty and privilege of capturing the moments that people spent hours and hours crafting, but also the moments that the bride and groom never thought of, or, most importantly, those they never saw coming. In this case it was when erik kissed kristin's hand during a prayer (which totally brought tears to my eyes) and the horse and carriage that the maid of honor surprised them with when they exited!

and I loved loved LOVED that they had someone doing caricatures at their wedding. His name was Chad Straka, and you can see his website here. I thought this was a totally fun idea for a wedding favor--and judging by the line to get them done, I think the guests agreed!

it was also pretty awesome to photograph this wedding because these two are/were, literally, my next door neighbors! they now live in a home about a two minute walk away in the same neighborhood, and I love seeing them and hearing how they're enjoying their photos! it always makes me smile :)

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