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s, j, m and a anderson

SUCH CUTIES! holy moly. These little girls were full of energy and creativity, and their parents were just really cool people. I had so much fun working with them!

They wanted something very nature-oriented and they wanted to have a good time, and I am certain we did just that. Plus, there's just something fantastic about red hair. I love love love it.

I love how people look when they laugh. LOVE.

look at those happy feet (give them a low-down beat, and they begin dancing!)

are they sweet or what?

and goodbye kisses, too precious! and that's their awesome doggie, "h" too. he was a trooper! and the girls pretended to be him. :)

More pictures of this family appear in the "cream of the crop" section of my website. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

these are so good. . .

and i love the size of your pics. ..

i'm going to try and "redo" my blog possibly tonight. i had a senior shoot yesterday, and her pics and her eyes demand bigger pics.

i may email you for some help!!!!

thank you so so much!

photobucket here i come! he he he!

Jessica said...

one more thing. where did you figure out how to add the hyperlinks at the top of your blog? is there a tutorial out there somewhere? i love yours. it looks great!

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